USRowing Announces 2010 Under 23 National Team Roster
Brett Johnson
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July 14, 2010 9:04 AM

The 2010 Under 23 National Team roster has been set, USRowing announced on Monday. Twenty-one crews will represent the United States at the 2010 World Rowing Under 23 Championships scheduled for July 22-25 in Brest, Belarus.


Under 23 world champions will be crowned in 21 events including the men’s single sculls, women’s single sculls, lightweight men’s single sculls, lightweight women’s single sculls, men’s double sculls, women’s double sculls, lightweight men’s double sculls, lightweight women’s double sculls, men’s quadruple sculls, women’s quadruple sculls, lightweight men’s quadruple sculls, lightweight women’s quadruple sculls, men’s pair, women’s pair, lightweight men’s pair, men’s four, women’s four, lightweight men’s four, men’s four with coxswain, men’s eight and women’s eight.


Nineteen athletes return from the 2009 Under 23 National Team including 10 medalists. Summers Nelson and Devery Karz return to the lightweight women’s quadruple sculls after winning silver medals in the event last year. Nareg Guregian and Michael Gennaro won silver in the men’s four last year and will race in the men’s eight this year. Coxswain Ariel Frost, Taylor Ritzel, Ashley Kroll, Olivia Coffey, Grace Luczak and Mary Jeghers won silver in the women’s eight last year. Kroll will join University of Michigan teammate Felice Mueller in the pair, while the other four will be back in the eight.


In addition to the returning 2009 Under 23 National Team members, the roster includes 2008 Olympian Lindsay Meyer. Now a junior at Stanford University, Meyer finished fifth in the women’s quadruple sculls in Beijing and will race in the women’s single sculls in Belarus.


The 2010 World Rowing Under 23 Championships will take place July 22-25. Racing begins on Thursday, July 22, with heats. Finals will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 24-25.


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2010 Under 23 World Championships Roster


Name                                   Birthdate        Ht.      Wt.         Hometown                        Club

Men’s Single Sculls (M1x)

Brendan McEwan             3/4/1988         6’2”    180         New Canaan, Conn.       Potomac Boat Club


Women’s Single Sculls (W1x)

Lindsay Meyer                   9/23/1988       5’11”  175         Seattle, Wash.                  Unaffiliated


Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls (LM1x)

John Graves                        3/26/1988       6’0”    160         Cincinnati, Ohio               Craftsbury Small Boat TC


Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls (LW1x)

Emily Boucher                   11/8/1989       5’5”    125         Lee, N.H.                           Durham Boat Club


Men’s Double Sculls (M2x)

Erich Hanxleden (s)          3/10/1988       6’5”    192         Garden Grove, Calif.       University of Wisconsin

Andrew Gallagher (b)        5/25/1989       6’6”    200         Phoenix, Ariz.                   University of Wisconsin


Women’s Double Sculls (W2x)

Elizabeth Donald (s)         11/4/1988       5’9”    160         Falmouth, Mass.              Craftsbury Small Boat TC

Rebecca Donald (b)          11/4/1988       5’9”    165         Falmouth, Mass.              Craftsbury Small Boat TC


Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls (LM2x)

Alex Burjakowsky (s)       12/22/1990     6’2”    165         Irvine, Calif.                     Newport Aquatic Center

Nick Trojan (b)                  1/18/1991       5’10”  148         Los Alamitos, Calif.        Newport/Long Beach RA


Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls (LW2x)

Elizabeth Bates (s)            7/7/1989         5’5”    125         Tenants Harbor, Maine  Vesper Boat Club

Sarah Keller (b)                  3/27/1989       5’6”    125         Perrysburg, Ohio              Vesper Boat Club


Men’s Quadruple Sculls (M4x)

Derek Johnson (s)              6/10/1988       6’2”    195         Hillsborough, Calif.         Yale University

Henry Cole (3)                   6/6/1988         6’5”    205         New Canaan, Conn.       Maritime Rowing Club

Ian Silveira (2)                   11/6/1990       6’3”    185         West Bloomfield, Mich. Princeton University

Hans Struzyna (b)             3/31/1989       6’3”    200         Kirkland, Wash.               University of Washington 


Women’s Quadruple Sculls (W4x)

Nicole Bielawski (s)           12/24/1991     6’0”    180         Old Westbury, N.Y.         Princeton University

Desiree Burns (3)               5/30/1988       5’9”    170         Poughkeepsie, N.Y.         University of Virginia

Emily Dreissigacker (2)     11/29/1988     5’9”    160         Morrisville, Vt.                  Unaffiliated

Helen Tompkins (b)          1/2/1988         5’10”  155         Friendswood, Texas        Unaffiliated


Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls (LM4x)

Steven Cutler (s)                9/27/1989       5’11”  154         Lutz, Fla.                           Princeton U./Vesper BC

Erich Schultze (3)              7/23/1991       6’2”    153         Foxboro, Mass.                Vesper Boat Club

John Redos (2)                   8/15/1990       5’11”  159         Mount Bethel, Pa.           Cornell Univ./Vesper BC

Tobin McGee (b)               7/22/1988       5’9”    152         Rye, N.Y.                           Vesper Boat Club


Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls (LW4x)

Summers Nelson (s)          3/4/1988         5’7”    130         Kansas City, Mo.             GMS Rowing Center

Devery Karz (3)                 2/18/1988       5’8”    126         Park City, Utah                GMS RC/Oregon State

Kim Hopewell (2)              3/24/1991       5’6”    125         Ridgefield, Conn.             GMS Rowing Center

Elizabeth Robinson (b)     4/12/1989       5’6”    123         Seattle, Wash.                  GMS Rowing Center


Men’s Pair (M2-)

Ben Johnson (s)                 11/1/1988       6’1”    185         Northford, Conn.             Craftsbury Small Boat TC

Henry Moore (b)                1/31/1989       6’5”    207         Jaffrey, N.H.                     Craftsbury Small Boat TC


Women’s Pair (W2-)

Ashley Kroll (s)                   5/24/1988       6’1”    165         Edmonds, Wash.             University of Michigan

Felice Mueller (b)               10/15/1989     6’1”    155         Cleveland, Ohio               University of Michigan


Lightweight Men’s Pair (LM2-)

Christian Klein (s)              1/26/1989       6’1”    159         Herndon, Va.                    Princeton University

Michael Kerrigan (b)         5/18/1988       6’1”    160         Charlottesville, Va.          Unaffiliated


Men’s Four (M4-)

Dane McFadden (s)          8/5/1988         6’7”    212         Fillmore, Calif.                 Stanford University

Evan Cassidy (3)               2/28/1988       6’1”    194         Westbury, N.Y.                 Columbia University

Alexander Syverson (2)    7/13/1989       6’6”    195         Minneapolis, Minn.         Stanford University

Nick Jordan (b)                  3/11/1990       6’4”    215         Princeton, N.J.                  Harvard University


Women’s Four (W4-)

Sara Hendershot (s)          4/27/1988       5’11”  160         West Simsbury, Conn.    Unaffiliated

Michaela Strand (3)          12/1/1988       5’11”  160         Seattle, Wash.                  Princeton University

Hannah Malvin (2)           4/23/1988       6’1”    175         Pittsburgh, Pa.                  Brown University

Julie Smith (b)                    11/7/1989       6’0”    175         Raleigh, N.C.                    Stanford University


Lightweight Men’s Four (LM4-)

William Newell (s)              10/5/1988       6’2”    155         Weston, Mass.                  Harvard University

Ed King (3)                          6/14/1989       6’4”    160         Ironton, Mo.                     US Naval Academy

Robin Prendes (2)              12/13/1988     6’1”    155         Miami, Fla.                       Princeton University

Austin Meyer (b)                6/23/1990       5’11”  153         Cohoes, N.Y.                    Harvard University


Men’s Four with Coxswain (M4+)

Kereeti Pisapati (c)            3/5/1989         5’3”    115         Bethlehem, Pa.                 Penn Athletic Club

Benjamin Dann (s)            11/26/1990     5’10”  185         Pond Ridge, N.Y.             Penn Athletic Club

Joe Ledvina (3)                  2/18/1988       6’3”    200         Milwaukee, Wis.              Potomac Boat Club

Patrick Kenny (2)              6/30/1989       6’6”    211         Malvern, Pa.                     Penn Athletic Club

Michael Grose (b)              9/5/1988         6’9”    225         Jacksonville, Fla.             Penn AC/Univ. of Florida


Men’s Eight (M8+)

Zach Vlahos (c)                 8/19/1988       5’9”    121         Piedmont, Calif.               University of California

Nareg Guregian (s)             1/20/1989       6’5”    210         North Hills, Calif.             University of California

Michael Gennaro (7)         3/11/1989       6’3”    185         Havertown, Pa.                Syracuse University

Ty Otto (6)                          3/1/1989         6’7”    195         Seattle, Wash.                  University of Washington

Tom Dethlefs (5)               5/6/1990         6’6”    205         Lawrenceville, N.J.          Yale University

Rob Munn (4)                    7/26/1990       6’4”    205         Redmond, Wash.             University of Washington 

Blaise Didier (3)                 3/29/1988       6’7”    220         San Francisco, Calif.       University of Washington

Sam Walker (2)                  11/27/1988     6’3”    195         Seattle, Wash.                  University of California

Nick Lucey (b)                   9/6/1988         6’1”    190         San Francisco, Calif.       University of California


Women’s Eight (W8+)

Ariel Frost (c)                      2/23/1988       5’3”    105         Walnut Creek, Calif.       Princeton University

Taylor Ritzel (s)                 9/4/1988         6’2”    185         Larkspur, Colo.                Yale University

Emily Regan (7)                 6/10/1988       6’2”    187         Buffalo, N.Y.                    Michigan State University

Grace Luczak (6)               5/24/1989       6’3”    160         Ann Arbor, Mich.             Stanford University

Kara Kohler (5)                  1/20/1991       6’2”    180         Clayton, Calif.                 University of California

Mary Jeghers (4)                10/28/1988     5’10”  165         San Diego, Calif.              University of California

Kerry Simmonds (3)          4/3/1989         6’0”    185         San Diego, Calif.              University of Washington

Jennifer Cromwell (2)       4/13/1988       5’10”  149         Bellevue, Wash.               University of Virginia

Olivia Coffey (b)               1/29/1989       6’2”    170         Watkins Glen, N.Y.          Radcliffe Crew


Coaching and Managerial Staff

Name                                     Affiliation                                        Position

Luke Agnini                          University of California                 Coach, LM4-

Guenter Beutter                   GMS Rowing Center                       Coach, LW4x

Willie Black                          USRowing                                         Team Manager

Eric Carson                           University of Virginia                      Team Physician

Reilly Dampeer                    Potomac Boat Club                        Coach, M1x

Hilary Gehman                    Cornell University                            Coach, W4x

Larry Gluckman                  Craftsbury Sculling Center            Coach, LM1x, M2-, LM2x, W2x

Conal Groom                       Lake Union Boat Club                   Coach, W1x

Jeremy Ivey                          OKC High Performance Center    Coach, LM2-

Brett Johnson                       USRowing                                         Press Officer

Anne Kakela                        USRowing                                         Coach, W2-, W4-, W8+

Andreas Maul                                                                                  Boatman

Linda Muri                            Harvard University                         Coach, W2-, W4-, W8+

Dave Reischman                 Syracuse University                        Coach, M4x

Khaled Sanad                      Colgate University                           Coach, M4+

Mike Teti                               University of California                 Coach, M4-, M8+

Scott Wisniewski                  Vesper Boat Club                            Coach, LW2x, LM4x

Christian Zangenberg         Durham Boat Club                         Coach, LW1x