2012 US Olympic Table Tennis Trials Wraps Up in Cary, NC
Sean O'Neill
February 13, 2012 9:00 AM

February 13, 2012
Women Qualifiers
1) Jun GAO (Covina, CA) - bio
2) Ariel HSING (San Jose, CA) - bio
3) Lily ZHANG (Palo Alto, CA) - bio
4) Erica WU (Arcadia, CA) - bio

Men Qualifiers
1) Michael LANDERS (Old Westbury, NY) - bio
2) Barney REED, Jr. (San Jose, CA) - bio
3) Adam HUGH (Warren, NJ) - bio
4) Timothy WANG (Houston, TX) - bio

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. USA Table Tennis is proud to announce the top four male and female qualifiers that will represent the United States in the 2012 North America Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament to held in Cary, NC, on April 20-22 where they will compete against the Canadian qualifiers to see who will get to go to the Olympics.

The U.S. women will play for the two remaining singles spots for the North American Olympic Qualifying Tournament.  Canadian Mo Zhang has already qualified for singles in London by winning the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  The U.S. men will play for three available positions against their Canadian counterparts.  The country with the majority of qualified players (2 of 3) will earn the right to field a three player team in London.

Final Draws from Cary, NC on February 9-12
Men's Final Round Robin
Women's Final Roud Robin

Men's Qualifying Draw
Women Qualifying Draw

NBC Universal Sports Archived Feeds from Cary
 February 10
 February 11, Session 1
 February 11, Session 2
 February 12
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